Talking Writing with Rachel

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Thank you for the wonderful Rachel Amphlett for inviting me over to chat all things crime writing on her fantastic blog. It was a pleasure ūüėä

When I met Rachel there ‘may’ have been wine involved, so I don’t have a picture of us together – I am sure we can rectify this at the next festival we attend.

Please follow this link Р Chatting All Things Crime (Writing)  Рto find out what we chatted about.

NiW Front Cover jpeg

jpg MASTER Launch Poster-page-001


The big day has finally arrived! If you are free come along and join in the celebrations, it would be wonderful to share the day with you. There will be a bit of chat, a lot of wine and the opportunity to learn about great books ¬†– what’s not to like about that?

Noir at the Bar

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On 10th March 2016 Noir at the Bar made its debut appearance in England and I was lucky enough to be asked along to read some of my work.

The lovely Vic Watson also asked me to write about the night so I shall say no more here other than follow the below link to read all about it.


Oh okay, here are a couple of pictures from the night –


Matt Hilton gives me a wonderful introduction.


David Mark and some new fans – It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.


What do you call a collective of drunk writers?

(Jay Stringer, Graham Smith, Paul Finch, Lucy Cameron, Neil White, Mike Craven, Les Morris)


All the readers together.

(Links to the work of all authors mentioned can be found in my blog post on elementaryvwatson – link above.)

Crime and Publishment 2016

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The wonderful Jo Evans asked me to write a blog for her Life Of website.

I was delighted to do so. I know you will be keen to read it.

Click on the below link and read all about a fantastic weekend.

Life Of 

c and p logo

Crime and Publishment 2016

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It is nearly that time of year again, Crime and Publishment time.

‘But what’s that?’ I hear you cry.

It is a fun filled weekend of crime writing courses designed for budding crime fiction authors of all levels.

It is not to be missed if you are serious about crime writing. It’s actually not to be missed if you enjoy writing at any level and would love to make a support network and learn from industry professionals.

Want to know more? Of course you do.

Host and published author, Graham Smith, tells the story of the FIVE authors now being published following attendance at the course, alongside 2016 course details on Vic Watson’s blog.

Have a read. Book a place. I look forward to seeing you there.



Book Cover Alert

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I am bursting with pride to be able to share with you my book cover art


NiW Front Cover jpeg


I am so pleased with it. A huge thanks to Darren’s team at Caffeine Nights Publishing .

Fingers crossed for publication on the 5th May 2016

Watch this space for more information – I will be talking about it… A lot.


Bloody Scotland 2015

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Where to begin to write about Bloody Scotland 2015? Like all great crime writing festivals it’s taken me the best part of a week to recover from all the excitement and socialising but has left me inspired to crack on with writing.

compressed 1

I won’t bore you with a step-by-step guide to my frivolities but will share with you 10 of my festival highlights. It’s taken me a while to settle on these 10. (With plenty of procrastination and cries of ‘but that bit was so good as well’) There could easily have been 20, but that would be as laborious to read as the aforementioned step-by-step guide.

1 – Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Masterclass – Top tips for aspiring and established writers

A while ago Michael J Malone advised me that a blog post such as this is far better with photos and images. He is right, however this first highlight has no relevant photos, not because I have chosen to ignore this advice (honestly) but because I was too much of a chicken to start snapping photos whilst some stella writers were sharing their wisdom.

Instead here is a picture of Michael J Malone and a link to his author page (click on his name) to both thank him for his (unheeded) wisdom, and allow you to link straight into some fabulous book.


Back to the masterclass –

Denise Mina was brilliant as the Key Note Speaker, reminding us that the obligation of a writer is to entertain. We should constantly be asking ourselves ‘what questions will be in the reader’s mind?’. She warned us to create interesting series characters, as we will get fed up of writing about them before readers get fed up reading. She closed with the gem that –

¬†‘Writing is like falling off a cliff face first and seeing where it goes.’

Allan Guthrie ran a session on self-editing. He said the main rule of writing is ‘Don’t be boring’. Sounds simple when you put it like that. He also taught me what a pleonasm is. Look it up as a way of procrastination. I am a huge fan of Allan’s writing so spent most of the session being a massive fan-girl.

Alexandra Sokoloff rounded off the day with an incredibly insightful session on using screenwriting techniques in crime writing. I am very excited to apply this to my own work.



2- Whose Crime Is It Anyway? – Friday Evening Event

Hardeep Singh Kohli led Christopher Brookmyre, Kevin Wignall and Caro Ramsay through the hilarious process of improvising a crime story on the spot. To help them along the way were randomly selected lines from Katie Price’s autobiography and audience participation.

whose crime


3 РKiller Women РDeadlier Than The Male? РSaturday Panel 

A new collective of female crime writers, the Killer Women – (represented here by MJ McGrath, Louise Millar and Helen Giltrow) – discusses women’s relationship to violence in crime fiction. They raised questions such as –

‘In reality men are far more likely to be the victims of violent crime than women, yet in crime fiction the women are typically the victims. Why?’

And ‘A large number of crime readers are women, they choose (and like) to read this? Why?’

There were no answers, just various opinions and a lot of food for thought.

killer women

4 – Nordic Noir – Panel.

‘Snowblind’ by Ragnar Jonasson has been on my ‘to read’ list for a while so this panel was not to be missed.


Johan Theorin and Gunnar Staalesen were also on the panel and at the next highlight I had a wonderful chat with Gunnar.

5 – Crime At The Coo – Piss Up

Crime at the Coo was held in the Curly Coo and was the alternative to the Crime Book of the Year dinner. An ‘intimate’ venue, where top crime writers read poems and stories, sang songs and drank beer. It was excellently put together and wall-to-wall with authors (including Ian Rankin and Steve Mosby) up for chatting about anything and everything.

A highlight within a highlight for me was the ‘Slice Girls’, sassy female crime writers performing on the bar. Two floors of the building crammed into the bar area for this once in a lifetime event meant there was less than standing room only. Craig Robertson, author and organiser extraordinaire, issued the warning, ‘I take no responsibility if anyone gets pregnant during this performance’.

6 РThe Book Club 

‘The Book Club’ is a Facebook group for people who love reading to share their thoughts on books. Fantastic. Several members of ‘The Book Club’ were in Stirling for the weekend, so it was decided an impromptu meeting in Weatherspoons was called for. After initial confusion, due to there being two entrances to the building – ‘We’re at the entrance’, ‘Really? So are we, I don’t see you’ and so on – we enjoyed a good chat and a few… cups of tea. It was lovely to meet fellow readers¬†Sharon and Fiona (I am still in awe you read 2-3 books a week) and writers Neil Broadfoot, Douglas Skelton and Michael J Malone.

Again no appropriate photos so here’s Douglas hosting the festival’s opening panel with Val McDermid and Peter May (No pressure there and an excellent job well done).




7 – Football

Scotland V England ‘The re-match’ was played on Sunday afternoon and saw Scottish and English crime writers take to the pitch. Whilst I still have no idea what the rules of football are, I did see England restore a little pride in this 5-5 draw. And Ian Rankin¬†and Ragnar Jonasson¬†in shorts so it was all good.



8 РCaffeine Nights Buddies 

It was a pleasure to hang out with Graham Smith and Col Bury, fellow Caffeine Nights authors.

Graham and Col were selected for highly sort after ‘Intro Slots’ at the festival. An Intro Slot was the chance for debut authors to showcase their work before one of the headline speakers at the Albert Hall.






Graham shared a stage with Arne Dahl and Ian Rankin









Col with Martina Cole

A well earned drink after? These guys earned it, I just tagged along, well, it would be rude not to.


9 РFan Girl 

Graham Smith introduced me to several of my favorite authors. It was a delight to chat to them. I have been a huge fan of¬†Steve Mosby for years, his books inspire me to be a better writer. Gordon J Brown’s book ‘Catalyst’ inspired me to keep writing my own debut novel.¬†¬†Thank you for being a festival highlight. Look out in 2016 when I plan to launch ‘Author Selfie Corner’ and have my pic snapped with everyone.


10 – And Finally something completely unrelated but¬†intriguing I happened across in the Premier Inn¬†…


An iron with a little light on the top (!?!) should I ever need to iron in the dark, in a power cut for example, I’d be fine… Oh, wait… So near and yet so far iron makers, so very near…

A ‘not highlight’ of my weekend was having to stay in three different hotels due to poor planning, making me feel like the littlest hobo by Sunday morning. Needless to say I have already reserved a room for Bloody Scotland 2016 which is guaranteed to be a corker. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Moffat Book Events and Alexander McCall Smith

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On Tuesday 28th April Moffat Book Events organised an Alexander McCall Smith event.  We were invited to join best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith for afternoon tea. Put like that, it would be rude not to.


I battled through a random hailstorm to arrive at the Moffat House Hotel in plenty of time to dry off before being welcomed into the conference room where we were served afternoon tea – a fine selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones.


Note to self ‚Äď Next time you head to an afternoon tea event, don‚Äôt eat a picnic in your car on arrival at the venue.

Alexander’s talk was delightful. He answered audience questions with humour and anecdotes about the characters in his books. He told us he never does much research when he writes but delves into his own life experience. He shared with us that he is intrigued by the strange corners human beings allow their minds to wander into.

IMG_5401  IMG_5405

If you can go and see him talk I highly recommend it, you don’t need to have read his books (Although you should, as they really are very good) to laugh and share in his positivity and open love of what he does.


Another excellent event arranged by Moffat Book Events ‚Äď Get signed up to their mailing list so you don‚Äôt miss out.

Publishing Deal

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I am delighted to announce that my debut novel ‘Night’s Watching’ will be published by Caffeine Nights Publishing in 2016. If you like a good¬†psychological thriller,¬†then watch this space.

I am very proud and excited to say the least.

‘But what shall I read in 2015?’ I hear you cry. Check out Caffeine Nights website, there are some fabulous books available there.

I’m off for a glass of wine… or two.

The Lovely Blog Award

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A huge thank you to Alison Gray for passing on the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to me.


The rules of the award are to write seven facts about yourself and then link to fifteen other lovely blogs you follow for them to do the same. As you know, I never struggle for something to say, so please enjoy my seven facts, some are about writing, most aren’t.

Fact One –¬†

I was lucky enough to escape EVER cooking a full Christmas lunch until last year. As you can see I took it in my stride.

Christmas for website

It was a success, but I think we should eat out this year.

Fact Two –¬†

If you are an aspiring crime writer get yourself along to Crime and Publishment in Gretna between the 6th and 8th March 2015.


Not only will you get to participate in informative and entertaining workshops, but you will gain peer feedback, be able to pitch your ideas to an agent and network with like minded writers. Follow this LINK for full details Рyou know you want to.

Fact Three ¬†–

When I first started crime writing, Karin Slaughter posted the following inspirational images on her facebook page. I keep them to hand when writing – at the very least they make me smile.

inspiration    How writing a novel feels.

inspiration 2    Truth in a pie chart.

Fact Four –¬†

I can juggle and used to own a set of juggling clubs. It’s a party trick that requires quite a lot of space and the nerve of a teenager.

Fact Five –¬†

I am incredibly, embarrassingly, astoundingly bad at anything computer based. As this photo shows –


I have now figured out how to turn the flash on when using my phone’s camera… honestly…

Fact Six –¬†

The area I live in floods at least once a year. This is a particularly sad image of the flooding. The river has burst it’s banks and engulfed the children’s play area.


There is also an analogy here about how I felt having to go to work that day.

Fact Seven –

I have a Fine Art degree from Liverpool Art School even though I can’t paint or sculpt (but wish I could). I specialised (if it can be called that) in 8mm stop-frame animation and made a projected animation that was played over a three-dimensional frame. My career as an artist peaked with a piece in a show in a Liverpool warehouse, which was actually pretty cool.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these facts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I will now pass the award onto the blogs I enjoy. You don’t have to join in, but it is fun. If you do, please link back to me, share your seven facts, and nominate (up to) 15 others.

Sarah Knight

Helen Phifer

MorgEn Bailey

Tess Makovesky

Kriss Nichol