My Writing Process blog tour

Posted: 21st August 2014 by Lucy Cameron in Uncategorized

Thank you to the talented Tess Makovesky for handing over the My Writing Process blog baton. Take a look at my answers that continue the relay race. I also recommend you have a look around Tess’s site, if you like your humour dark you will love her writing.

Question One – What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working my way through a final draft of my first novel, a psychological thriller with a supernatural twist, titled Night’s Watching. Once this is complete I will be ready to send it off to potential agents and publishers so please do keep those fingers crossed. Alongside this I am in the process of developing characters and plot for my next book which, whilst having similar themes to Night’s Watching, will develop series characters.

Question Two – How does my work differ from others in my genre? 

My work looks at the thin line between reality and madness. I look to combine this with elements of the supernatural in such a way that the reader is left to draw their own conclusions as to whether the supernatural elements actually exist or are in the mind of the story’s characters. I enjoy creating strong, unpleasant characters and then look for redeeming features – They are fun to spend time with, mainly because you can turn the page when you have had enough.

Question Three – Why do I write what I do? 

Currently I am interested in manifestations of ‘madness’. What I mean by this is I like to look at the idea that what one person perceives to be real could be thought of as mad by another. For example, if I told you I was being chased by a demon you would most likely think I was losing it. You could well be right or it could just be that you don’t believe in demons. This is the premise of my first book. I also enjoy looking at misinterpretation and misunderstanding  between characters as I am sure it happens much more in ‘real-life’ than we realise.

Question Four – How does my writing process work? 

I plan, plan, plan before I begin writing. I like to know the beginning and the end before I start, this end may change but I need to have something before I set off. I will brainstorm and ask questions of my characters and plot idea. It is very true for me that ideas and answers come through the process of writing. Having tried, and failed, to write my now (nearly) complete book without a plan I know it works best for me. I break the plan down into scenes, this way if I get stuck with one scene whilst I am writing the first draft I can move on and come back to it. I write, write, write the first draft fast, generating more ideas along the way, then work back through tweaking.

Question Five – What’s new from you? 

I have just completed round one of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2014. You have 48 hours, a genre, a location and an object to write 1000 word story. I was given romantic comedy, a corn field and a bowling ball which for a crime writer was indeed a challenge. It was ultimately very good fun indeed and not a drop of blood in sight. It was great to let my mind wander and write comedy. It has also sown the seeds for a new character.  Wish me luck for the second round in October.

And now to hand you onto the delightful Kriss Nichol for the next lap. Thank you .