Autumn Drabble

Posted: 31st October 2014 by Lucy Cameron in Uncategorized

Drabble – ‘A story of exactly 100 words.’

As summer turns to autumn it brings the joy of a new drabble challenge.

In October 2014 I entered a 100 word story into Jack Bates’s Autumn Drabble at where it has now been published.

The story was to be inspired by the picture below.



Best Served Cold – Written by Lucy Cameron

They said standing under the lamppost was a mistake, I’d be seen.

They missed the point.

I smile at his peeking shadow. The sleet dissolves on my skin. His brain whirls, racks through the past, searches for a younger version of my face.

From his slumber I’ll whisper

‘Shhhh, don’t make a sound. You know you love it really.’

My nails will scratch his cheek, my breath burn his face. I’ll revel at my reflection in his black eyes as he did to me all those years ago. As he finished. And plunged in the knife. Not quite deep enough.


Visit the site on the below link – It is well worth it.

Flash Jab Fiction

(Please be aware the site contains adult content)


  1. James Allan says:


    Read it twice, first time a speed read, then I read it properly OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I will not be upsetting you anytime.