The Lovely Blog Award

Posted: 24th February 2015 by Lucy Cameron in Uncategorized

A huge thank you to Alison Gray for passing on the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to me.


The rules of the award are to write seven facts about yourself and then link to fifteen other lovely blogs you follow for them to do the same. As you know, I never struggle for something to say, so please enjoy my seven facts, some are about writing, most aren’t.

Fact One – 

I was lucky enough to escape EVER cooking a full Christmas lunch until last year. As you can see I took it in my stride.

Christmas for website

It was a success, but I think we should eat out this year.

Fact Two – 

If you are an aspiring crime writer get yourself along to Crime and Publishment in Gretna between the 6th and 8th March 2015.


Not only will you get to participate in informative and entertaining workshops, but you will gain peer feedback, be able to pitch your ideas to an agent and network with like minded writers. Follow this LINK for full details – you know you want to.

Fact Three  –

When I first started crime writing, Karin Slaughter posted the following inspirational images on her facebook page. I keep them to hand when writing – at the very least they make me smile.

inspiration    How writing a novel feels.

inspiration 2    Truth in a pie chart.

Fact Four – 

I can juggle and used to own a set of juggling clubs. It’s a party trick that requires quite a lot of space and the nerve of a teenager.

Fact Five – 

I am incredibly, embarrassingly, astoundingly bad at anything computer based. As this photo shows –


I have now figured out how to turn the flash on when using my phone’s camera… honestly…

Fact Six – 

The area I live in floods at least once a year. This is a particularly sad image of the flooding. The river has burst it’s banks and engulfed the children’s play area.


There is also an analogy here about how I felt having to go to work that day.

Fact Seven –

I have a Fine Art degree from Liverpool Art School even though I can’t paint or sculpt (but wish I could). I specialised (if it can be called that) in 8mm stop-frame animation and made a projected animation that was played over a three-dimensional frame. My career as an artist peaked with a piece in a show in a Liverpool warehouse, which was actually pretty cool.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these facts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I will now pass the award onto the blogs I enjoy. You don’t have to join in, but it is fun. If you do, please link back to me, share your seven facts, and nominate (up to) 15 others.

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