Summer Drabble – June 2014

By Lucy Cameron

Drabble – ‘A story of exactly 100 words.’

In June 2014 I entered a 100 word story into Jack Bates’s Summer Drabble at

The story was to be inspired by the picture below.


The Colour of Shadows – By Lucy Cameron.

The boy wonders what it would be like if shadows had colour. Would angry shadows be red? Happy shadows yellow? Would a shadow cast in spring be fresh and green? He forgets himself for a moment and smiles.

His father’s shadow looms up the wall, crisper in sunlight. The boy does not need to see the restraints to know they are there.

‘Come out come out wherever you are, I can see you.’ Father’s voice echoes off the brickwork. The boy’s smile dries, sticks his upper lip to his teeth.

If shadows had colour his father’s would still be black.


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