National Theatre Scotland 5 Minute Theatre Show – June 2014

By Lucy Cameron

In June 2014  the National Theatre Scotland ran a 5 minute Theatre Show project.

The brief was simple. Write a 5 minute play under the umbrella theme of ‘Independence – Yes, No, Don’t Know.’

I wrote a play titled – ‘Me?’

The play looks at what it will mean to British Identity if Scotland becomes independent.

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Read the script here – 

Me – JUNE 2014

The play was performed at the Electric Theatre Workshop on Monday 23rd June. It was transmitted LIVE to the nation.

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Watch the show here – 

‘Me?’ – By Lucy Cameron. 

I directed the play and got to work with the wonderful cast of Emma Watson, Andrea Thompson and Lee Medd.

It was a superb experience. The adrenalin still hasn’t worn off!

A few pics – 


Excited? Me?



Emma Watson, Lucy Cameron, Andrea Thompson, Lee Medd.


12 - pre live

The wonderful audience gather. Show time is near.



Time – 21.20. Thirty seconds until we went live to the nation.


14 - Live show

The superb Andrea Thompson as ‘Me’


14a - Welsh school kids

The delightful Lee Medd and Emma Watson as Welsh Schoolchildren.



Cockney market stall. The highest quality dog and bone this side of the M25.



It all ends in a pub in Scotland. Would we have it any other way?